Wednesday, April 2, 2008

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Monday, March 31, 2008

Communication Aspects

Journal Item Chapter 2

Intrapersonal Communication: communication with ourselves. I feel that I am particularly effective at communicating with my self. I’m not sure how other people communicate with their selves but from my reasoning I think that my self-talk is effective. I can reason with my self and I can make sense of some issues while I talk to my self, probably because I can at least understand what I am think where as I would have to do some explaining with another person.
Interpersonal Communication: communication between people. Like most people I struggle with Interpersonal Communication, some polls in the past have stated that the number one fear of most Americans is public speaking. This form of communication is difficult for most people like me because it involves pressure. Not so much physical pressure, but psychological. While talking to a superior, whether age or work related, we become slightly anxious and tend to stammer or lose focus on what we are thinking. However Interpersonal Communication with a friend or younger sibling is usually relaxed and often playful.
Group and Team Communication: communication in small groups. In small groups I tend to withhold my opinions and remain only partially engaged. This may happen for a number of reasons but I think it happens mostly because I don’t want to speak up. Putting my opinion in just doesn’t interest me when put into a group situation such as a small group discussion in a classroom setting.

My most effective form of communication of the three I mentioned would be Intrapersonal Communication because I can solve issues on my own time without feeling any pressure from anyone else. I need to make immediate improvement on my Group and Team Communication to help in the work force and improve small group classroom discussion. Finally I need to make effort to encourage long-term improvement in my Interpersonal Communication because I will be speaking with people for the rest of my life and if I continue in a customer service oriented career field then I will have to improve upon my communication with other people.

Communication in Our Lives

Journal Item Chapter 1

Bobby is an assistant manager for the Brookshire’s Grocery Company in Quinlan Texas. He has been my supervisor for two years and communication is one of the most important characteristics of his job. Communication is important in this job because he must constantly greet and interact with customers and other Brookshire’s partners. Customers need to know that they are welcome and accepted every time they enter a Brookshire’s grocery store. Customer service is our number one focus and without proper communication we couldn’t successfully live up to our job standards. Bobby uses communication to encourage and delegate partners in a respectful manner, since many of our Brookshire’s partners are teens it is important that he choose his form of communication delicately.
David works for the Sonic Fast Food chain and in order for him to fill his customer’s orders he must listen and speak carefully as a customer places their order. If a customer cannot understand David then there is a potential that the customer will not return to Sonic. On the other hand if David can not understand the customer there is a chance that the order will be fill incorrectly, which will result in an unhappy customer. Customers are like walking advertisements, whenever someone mentions a service like Sonic the other people participating in the conversation will most likely put their two cents in. If they have had a negative experience then they will share that.
Jessica works as a bank teller for Chase Bank, and communication plays a part in her job similar to David’s. Jessica must speak with customers via microphones as they come through the drive-through lanes. Understanding her customers is crucial because more than just cheese tots and curly fries are on the line for her. One incorrect key stroke and someone’s funds may be directed to another person’s account. Jessica also speaks with customers that choose to come through the lobby, similar to Bobby’s job Jessica must cheerfully greet her customers and allow them to feel welcome so they continue to choose Chase Bank to handle their finances.
Dr. William is an Art History Professor for a major University, he specializes in communication and presentation because it is important to keep his students engaged and interested in his course. His job is to pass his knowledge of Art History to his students so they leave his class brighter and more knowledgeable. Without successful communication Dr. William would be unable to do his job well and students would have a hard time understanding his lectures. Let’s suppose Dr. William spoke with a strong Arab accent, would the, primarily American, students still be able to comprehend his lectures on the same level?
Nancy is a school Nurse; she spends her day caring for ill or wounded children. These children have only recently learned how to communicate their injuries and their feelings of illness, yet some still cannot communicate how they fill. Nancy uses communication techniques that are specifically tailored to fit her young ones. For a child with asthma Nancy would say, ”think of your chest as if it were a ball of rubber bands (holding up her fist to symbolize a ball of rubber bands), now how many rubber bands are wrapped around that ball? A few, or a lot? The child’s response would help Nancy to understand the current status of the child’s asthma. That is just one technique that Nancy uses to communicate with the children that visit her office.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Here in Art History II

Ok so I’m sitting here in Art History II, and I’m pretending to take notes on my laptop while I am actually writing this blog. Yeah I know, "how ya gonna learn if ya jus sittin there typen up you blogs on that there laptop?" Well here's my predicament, Dr. Wadley (My Art Hist. teacher) uses slides to give us a visual of the artwork he is describing therefore he must dim the lights in order for us to see the slides. Well I try my hardest to keep my eyes open while he teaches, and he is a wonderful teacher – very dramatic, and he elaborates on his lessons well, however it never fails that when I wake up I’m left wondering what he talked about in the last half of the lesson.
I have tried writing notes on paper but they always end up looking like a train wreck on my desk while I drool, what looks like a swimming pool, all over them. I have tried reading a book during class but I seem to only get half the information from both and I’m left wondering if Art History and The Life of Brian “Head” Welch have something in common. This Is yet another attempt to stay awake and it seems to be working, however am I really getting anything from this lesson? I guess I’ll find out on test day.


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My Very First Blog!

So this is it, my very first blog. I must say that it feels pretty good, new and exciting! I expect there will be more to come but we can never be completely certain of what the future will bring. If any one else has a blog that they would like to share please give me a shout out, I would be more than happy to take a look at it. Ok that is all for now, stay cool, be cool, and live cool!