Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Here in Art History II

Ok so I’m sitting here in Art History II, and I’m pretending to take notes on my laptop while I am actually writing this blog. Yeah I know, "how ya gonna learn if ya jus sittin there typen up you blogs on that there laptop?" Well here's my predicament, Dr. Wadley (My Art Hist. teacher) uses slides to give us a visual of the artwork he is describing therefore he must dim the lights in order for us to see the slides. Well I try my hardest to keep my eyes open while he teaches, and he is a wonderful teacher – very dramatic, and he elaborates on his lessons well, however it never fails that when I wake up I’m left wondering what he talked about in the last half of the lesson.
I have tried writing notes on paper but they always end up looking like a train wreck on my desk while I drool, what looks like a swimming pool, all over them. I have tried reading a book during class but I seem to only get half the information from both and I’m left wondering if Art History and The Life of Brian “Head” Welch have something in common. This Is yet another attempt to stay awake and it seems to be working, however am I really getting anything from this lesson? I guess I’ll find out on test day.


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