Monday, March 31, 2008

Communication Aspects

Journal Item Chapter 2

Intrapersonal Communication: communication with ourselves. I feel that I am particularly effective at communicating with my self. I’m not sure how other people communicate with their selves but from my reasoning I think that my self-talk is effective. I can reason with my self and I can make sense of some issues while I talk to my self, probably because I can at least understand what I am think where as I would have to do some explaining with another person.
Interpersonal Communication: communication between people. Like most people I struggle with Interpersonal Communication, some polls in the past have stated that the number one fear of most Americans is public speaking. This form of communication is difficult for most people like me because it involves pressure. Not so much physical pressure, but psychological. While talking to a superior, whether age or work related, we become slightly anxious and tend to stammer or lose focus on what we are thinking. However Interpersonal Communication with a friend or younger sibling is usually relaxed and often playful.
Group and Team Communication: communication in small groups. In small groups I tend to withhold my opinions and remain only partially engaged. This may happen for a number of reasons but I think it happens mostly because I don’t want to speak up. Putting my opinion in just doesn’t interest me when put into a group situation such as a small group discussion in a classroom setting.

My most effective form of communication of the three I mentioned would be Intrapersonal Communication because I can solve issues on my own time without feeling any pressure from anyone else. I need to make immediate improvement on my Group and Team Communication to help in the work force and improve small group classroom discussion. Finally I need to make effort to encourage long-term improvement in my Interpersonal Communication because I will be speaking with people for the rest of my life and if I continue in a customer service oriented career field then I will have to improve upon my communication with other people.

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